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The Phillos Collection is the largest photographic collection in the National Hellenic Museum Collections & Archives. And yet we know very little about George Phillos or his life.  Most of what we know comes from the photographs, and there are many people and places in them that we can’t identify.

This is where you come in! Do you recognize any locations or people in this exhibition? If so, we want to know! Check out the entire George Phillos Photograph Collection here to submit comments on anything you are able to identify.


NHM Collection 2003.26.114

People sitting on canon, 1910s, George Phillos is sitting at center of the group of people.


NHM Collection 2003.26.163

Three men standing on bridge, c. 1910s.


NHM Collection 2003.26.62

A wartime rally, 1910s.

In addition to the Phillos Collection, we invite our audience to interact with the NHM Collections & Archives through the NHM online collections portal. The portal allows visitors to view the artifacts in the collection and share comments when they have further information or questions about an object.  

Tell Us!