As Greek immigrants and their children began to assimilate into American life, they still maintained close connections with the Greek culture and community. 

At the center of many Greek communities across America (and around the world) was and is the local Greek Orthodox parish. Greek Orthodox churches not only served the spiritual needs of new immigrants, but also provided a space in which Greek culture could be passed down to their children.  


NHM Collection 2003.26.72

St. Constantine Church.

George Phillos’s photograph collection shows many images of Greek American immigrants gathering as families and communities. These strong family and community ties helped Greek immigrants as they assimilated into American life, providing  emotional and frequently financial support. 

As you look at these photos, consider your own family photograph collection. What pictures do you have that were taken by your parents and grandparents? What pictures are you taking today and what will they say to future generations?


NHM Collection 2003.26.141

A man playing a lute, 1924.


NHM Collection 2003.26.59

A group enjoying an evening out with with bread, coffee, and drinks.


NHM Collection 2003.26.90

George Phillos holding a baby and an unknown woman at his side.


NHM Collection 2003.26.99

George Phillos (2nd left), and a group of men sitting on the ground in front of a forest.


NHM Collection 2003.26.112

Three men enjoying drinks at a table.


NHM Collection 2003.26.187

A family seated on the front porch of a house.