The Office of Strategic Services (OSS)


Helias Doundoulakis' OSS Archive file.

The Doundoulakis brothers enlisted in the US Army on September 16, 1943 and were assigned to the OSS.


Photograph of Helias Doundoulakis.

Helias was given the rank of corporal and sent for training at the top secret OSS run spy school near Cairo. The camp was based on the famed “Camp X” outside of Ontario, Canada. William J. Donovan opened two such satellite schools: one outside Cairo aior and one in Maryland near Washington, D.C.

Afterward he was sent to Salonica, Greece, where from April to December 1945 he remained undercover pretending to be a Greek businessman while radioing information about the movement of German troops back to the allies.

His life was always in danger and he carried a cyanide tablet with him at all times, resolving to take his own life should he ever be captured.

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS)